under the table where she dines
i sit hungry with my mouth foamed white
fighting for crumbs that trickle down
as she finishes her cake, then takes a bite from mine.

i don't really cook or bake much myself, but i think having a bunch of recipes in one place is very useful. most are linked on other websites, but some are in txt files stored locally :)
all websites listed here are small, obscure, old, etc. unless stated otherwise, all are just for general recipes, not with any specific overarching theme. not all websites listed are solely for recipes, and some may have other articles too. also, i haven't tried any of these, so i can't vouch for any of them personally :P
note: for the locally-hosted recipes that aren't original, i've lightly (and sometimes not-lightly) edited them to be more readable and/or comprehensible. the actual content of the recipes are the same, but they may be formatted differently to their source material.



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