and though the eons may pass as slow as the sands of an hourglass
every grain that we've counted claims that even the mountains can change.

i do art sometimes!
a lot of it is either at this imgur page (check the dates, if it's bad it's probably not recent :P ) or
this tumblr tag, but here's some of my favourites! (plus some that are exclusive to this website!)
(content warning: there's an image in the final line with mild undetailed blood + violence)


A digital drawing of a cartoony pink, purple, and cyan character with magic flowing between his hands. A digital drawing of a GeminiTay, a ginger woman with crystal wings and a large staff, looking conflicted. A digital drawing of a cartoony blue and cyan bat, named 'Telescope'. A monochrome digital drawing of a simplified llama hanging under a dark ceiling, with light streaming through the hole. An abstract digital drawing of a woman attacking someone with an axe, with neon green text that says 'I DON'T WANT TO DIE'.