whether by accident or fortune
you and i, we are matter
and it matters.

hi! i have a few names, but you can call me suntooth.
i'm an 18 year old from wales with an interest in coding, minecraft, and music.
all lyrics on this site, unless stated otherwise, are from the oh hellos, my favourite band!

i'm very interested in archiving and related subjects. i have a small archive of obscure media, and on this site i've tried to
limit external dependencies as much as possible, with everything hosted here on neocities and saved on the wayback
machine regularly. the only things hosted externally are my drawings over on the art page, as they're rather large and i
don't want to use up my bandwidth :P (also webring stuff bc that's out of my control)

basteleur (the font used for headings on this site) is a typeface by keussel. contribute or
download it at velvetyne type foundry :)